Client: Talla Farm

Designing a website and a strong visual identity for a new rural business

Talla farm is a sheep dairy farm near Masterton owned by Jill and Art Eastham.

In 2016 Jill and Art purchased a run down dairy farm and converted it into a productive sheep dairy operation. They wanted a website to showcase the farm and their stock. They also had a supply of brass shepherd’s whistles that they wanted to sell online.

I spent an afternoon at the farm with Art and Jill to get a feel for their land and business. I prepared a proposal that included designing a logo and building the website.

Logo design

The logo was developed to reflect the beautiful farm environment and the sheep dairy operation.


The website has a custom CMS so that Jill can easily update the site.

Talla Farm administration page
Administration section of the website for editing content.
Mockup of the Talla Farm website on a laptop and a smartphone


Selling whistles

Jill and Art wouldn’t have enough transactions to warrant the costs of e-commerce. A product page with an email contact address was sufficient.

Encouraging enquiries

The site features some considered use of animation to draw attention to important content. There are prominent “Enquire Now” buttons on the sheep dairy page that link to the contact page.

Building trust and credibility

The about page tells their story and includes a testimonial in order to establish their credibility in the sheep dairy industry.

“Michael created a webpage that has led to many enquiries and sales as well as compliments on the logo and web design itself.”

Jill Eastham

Talla Farm website

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